How to Open a Beauty Supply Store

Trading in beauty products is an extremely vibrant and competitive field in the market. The demand for cosmetic and beauty products is increasing day by day.

To run a successful beauty shop business, you must take many steps such as preparing costs, defining niches, etc.

Here are the steps you need to prepare to open a beauty supply store. Dig into the details and jot down essential ideas in this helpful content.

1. Initial Capital

Capital is the first expense to consider when starting a beauty supply store business

Because cost is always the top priority, many people are concerned about how much capital it takes to open a store offering beauty products.

The capital to open a beauty supply store depends on factors, such as the size of the store and business conditions. So it’s difficult to give an exact number.

If you want to rent a store, you need to prepare more capital than opening a shop at home. Or if you open a beauty shop with a large scale, the amount of money you need to prepare will be more than a small business.

No matter how much capital, you also need to calculate it carefully because in addition to the fixed costs to invest in the store, such as renting space, decorating the shop, hiring staff, etc., many other fees may arise.

Space rental is also essential. Rental costs will depend on the location and size.

Consider how much you can afford to choose an area to avoid choosing a place with too high rent while new goods are not sold much, which causes a burden.

The number of employees you need will depend on the size of the store. A small note is that you should hire a young, good-looking shop assistant. It will be easier to advise and more sympathetic to customers.

Estimated capital for the business is an expense that anyone opening a cosmetics store should not ignore. With this capital, you can import beauty products from Korea, Japan, or domestic.

At the beginning of the operation, it will be challenging in terms of revenue, and you will most likely suffer a loss, so always have a reserve fund ready.

2. Choose The Niches You Focus On

Choose a niche that will help you dominate the area in terms of beauty products

When you start with a store selling beauty products, you will not be able to compete with the central shops.

Therefore, choosing a niche will help you focus more on the product while also ensuring that risks are avoided, and the probability of success will be higher.

In the field of beauty, many people think that you must spend a lot of money to do marketing to find customers. However, it is wrong thinking.

Successful stores can find the methods without spending too much budget. The bottom line is that your product must have the proper focus, reasonable price, and guaranteed quality compared to the market.

The niche market helps you shrink the audience, make a more effective loyalty-building plan, minimize the cost of communication, and avoid overlooking many targeted customers.

3. Define Business Platforms

In addition to your in-store business, to help increase profits and increase coverage for everyone, you can run a cross-platform business.

Large e-commerce floors like Amazon, eBay, or social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, etc., are favored by users.

Unlike other business models, it can quickly develop once traders “sniff out” its potential level. As for the platform model, looking at the small number of effective platforms is enough to see that this is a difficult road.

Building and operating a platform requires going through a process with strategic planning and more prolonged financial and human investment. Something that not all businesses can chase to the end.

To increase brand awareness, build online stores on these platforms. In addition, to increase the reputation and quality of each product you are trading for, it is necessary to create a website with the entire content that customers need.

4. Apply For A Business License

Open a cosmetic store that requires business registration because procedural is also essential. The first thing you need to do is apply for a business license. This procedure allows you to be protected by law and fulfill your business obligations.

Whether running an online business or opening a shop, the store name is significant because it will help customers remember you.

You can combine many ways to create an impressive and attractive store name. For example, the name of the shop, name of foreign language, name according to the characteristics of the store, etc.

Also, don’t forget that no matter how you apply it, pay attention to the rhymes of words, the more interesting the pronunciation, the easier it is to impress customers.

And if you don’t want trouble from the first day of opening, establish a good relationship with the local authority where the store is opened, making it easier for long-term business to live.

5. Research The Market To Choose The Product

Market research is an important step to help you identify your target market

Once you have a business license and sufficient funding, you must research the cosmetics market.

Conducting customer needs surveys and selling prices in the planned area of ​​business. At the same time, research competitors to develop suitable business strategies.

From those figures, you can estimate your monthly costs and profits, break-even time, and effective advertising methods.

If you do not have market research and analysis expertise, it is best to seek a consulting firm. They will provide you with customized content and cosmetic market research and analysis information.

Why do many people open cosmetics stores but fail? Because they have no customers. Not so. They do not analyze and research the market and do not understand what the cosmetics market needs and who are the target customers.

The market analysis steps are critical to determining if your store offering your beauty products will be successful after several months of launch.

6. Identify Business Resource

Business resources are known as the synthesis of cosmetic knowledge, sales skills, personal brand, etc.

Cosmetic knowledge

That is what you know about cosmetics, such as product name, price, usage, and place of manufacture.

You can question products and attentive customer service with a solid knowledge of cosmetics. In addition, customers will trust you more and continue to shop at your cosmetics store.

Selling skills

Selling skills is the ability to persuade customers to buy your cosmetics.

Good sales skills will help you sell a large number of products quickly. It is also the best source of transactions to help you get your capital back quickly.

Personal brand

It’s not easy to build a reputable personal brand and create good relationships with customers, but your cosmetics store business will be accessible if you already have your brand easier.

7. Find Out About Competitors

Research your competitors to improve their strengths and overcome their weaknesses

Good competitor analysis will help the store better understand the competition and its store.

You will see what competitors do well for your store to learn from. Besides, you need to see the competitor’s weaknesses to be able to do better than them and make tactics more suitable for stores and customers.

Moreover, competitor analysis also helps to grasp business opportunities in the market and industry. If your store selling beauty products has competitors, you need to find out about those competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Then you try to make your store have those advantages and fix every downside.

It depends on your circumstances and financial resources. You need a different theme for the store, a quality accent. Also, it will make your store different from the others. People will pay attention, trust, and choose your product.

8. Detailed Marketing Plan

A store is to offer items or administrations to create a profit. Furthermore, publicizing assists organizations with creating many gains by making more individuals mindful of the items and administrations, prompting more sales.

Simultaneously, buyers won’t ever be aware of items and administrations on the off chance they are not generally promoted. Promoting assists purchasers with coming to conclusions about which items to purchase.

With the assistance of publicizing, purchasers make ideal decisions conceivable.

For shoppers, marketing likewise assumes a fundamental part in assisting purchasers with mirroring their needs to organizations and associations that will give items to settle those requirements.

Apply the web to your advertising. The Internet is a correspondence and conveyance channel that offers potential clients overall admittance to an organization’s items and administrations.

Through the web, you can grow your objective market over numerous areas.

Some ways to use your capital effectively in reaching customers:

  • Designing a cosmetic website to get a large online customer base.
  • E-commerce platforms are an excellent opportunity to reach customers.

9. Up Promotional Campaigns

The general sentiment among consumers is that they enjoy promotions and discounts, and the cosmetics industry’s customers are no exception.

Therefore, you must regularly implement and change your stimulus programs to increase your store’s coverage and revenue.

It will bring out curiosity and encourage customers to visit your store.

Promotion campaign to draw customers to the store’s beauty products

Programs include free shopping cards, easy payment tools, trial offers, a return policy, and earning points for gifts. Only with these promotions will customers come and buy items for you.

10. Customer Service

Maintaining a good relationship between the store and the customer is not a simple matter, especially how to keep customers coming back the next time is even more difficult.

Not only selling, but after-sales customer care service also requires many skills. Doing well in this job will help you gain trust and expand your audience.

Track customer information to understand their needs and preferences. Next, you must reach out to customers and offer them new incentives, stimulating customer buybacks.

Finally, we are always enthusiastic and quickly resolve complaints, avoiding long waiting times for customers.

11. Recruitment And Training Of Staff

If your product is no different from the competition and the poor customer service, they will never return to the store for the second time.

If you want customers to be loyal to you, there is a specific process to train the sales team to be more professional.

For example, there must be a clear assignment of stages such as receiving, consulting, processing, and managing customer information, solving customer feedback, and promotions.

The service attitude is also a part of creating the reputation of the cosmetics business and deciding the next time for customers.

With “charming” employees or a good service attitude, it can cause their customers to promote their products through word of mouth.

Do not be engrossed in outside customer care but forget to take care of staff. Employees are the best speakers to take your product further.

You need to train them seriously and pay them the salary they deserve to keep the loyalty and trustworthiness of the salesperson.


Hopefully, with the cosmetic business experiences and steps, you can better understand this business field and make a perfect business plan. Good luck!