We started SBSQ.org to increase startup success rates. Entrepreneurs change the world, so the more successful startups we have, the faster we evolve, the more we discover, and the more problems we can solve.

Running a startup is hard. All of it. Articulating your ideas, sharing your vision, getting access to influencers, building a product, hiring talented people, getting access to capital, supporting customers – the list goes on and on. It’s an epic struggle.

At SBSQ.org we’re committed to reducing the startup struggle.

Building a startup is like riding a bike. You jump on, start peddling like mad, and hope you don’t fall down.

We partner with successful entrepreneurs and convert their experience and knowledge into a process – blueprints that can be reused, adapted, and evolved so you can focus on adding value, not struggling with the process.

Every day our team wakes up everyday hustling to help startups. The brilliant ideas, inspiration, determination, and dedication to succeed is up to you. But together we hope to reduce the struggle and witness more startup entrepreneurs change the world.