10 Business Movies on Netflix of All Time for Entrepreneurs

Netflix is the most popular website with the best movies worldwide. With the business movie collection on Netflix, entrepreneurs can simultaneously entertain and find motivation to start their journey and achieve their goals.

With a night immersed in one of the ten best business movies on Netflix and a lightning bolt of inspiration, what could be more wonderful? Put your mind at ease with these ten wondering products on Netflix.

These movies are about the life of characters. They all have to suffer from painful events or times of life crisis, but nothing can beat them down.

These left viewers with valuable lessons and motivation for entrepreneurs to improve themselves. Based on the review of critics and viewers, ten top-rated movies are listed below.

1. The Pursuit of Happiness

Chris Gardner inspires many entrepreneurs

The Pursuit of Happiness is a great inspirational story filmed around Chris Gardner. A guy fights against life and inner himself to bring up his son and become successful.

The obstacles were unbelievable life events that could make everyone fall when they encounter them. Homeless, being sentenced, having no money, and no jobs, all of them can not stop him from trying.

2. Inception

Inception is a captivating sci-fi psychodrama about Dom Cobb. He is a thief with extraordinary ability. Cobb has the costly commodity in corporate espionage. And the skill is to enter people’s dreams and steal their subconscious secrets.

The plot is the idea comes from dream-sharing, like a professional marketer. Dom Cobb represents every startup attempting to sell its dream to investors.

3. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

If entrepreneurs find a film based on a true story, it must be that product of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Despite all the odds, a thirteen-year-old boy saved his family and the village against famine.

William Kamkwamba, a boy who skips school becomes a hero through an incredible innovation.

With the books borrowed from the library, he explored wind turbines that help them survive. The story proved that even in failure, risk creates opportunities, so keep going.

4. Fyre – The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Fyre is one of the costly lessons that portrays people’s hearts and the value of money. This business movie of Netflix is a scam of Billy Macfarland and rapper Ja Rule targeting young wealthy people.

With crazy commercials about luxury parties, the two founders earned chaos of money. And they all through things that never happened.

5. Yes Man

That is a funny story about a man named Carl Allen. Initially, the author builds the character to say no to everything in life.

Unable to overcome the negative mindset, he decides to attend a conference. His life changed from it when he learned to say yes, which caused a lot of fun.

Although it is a little too far when he practices too much, he becomes better. The message reminds people to enjoy life and say yes if possible.

6. Manjhi – The Man in the Mountain

Turn the pain into extraordinary

Manjhi is a real-life story about Dashrath Manjhi, who carved a path through the mountain using only a hammer and chisel.

It evolves after a traumatic incident when his wife died while she was across that mountain. Out of rage and determination, he turns the seemingly impossible into reality.

7. The Theory of Everything

This one of the ten best business movies on Netflix is about the most influential scientist Stephen Hawking who has to fight against the disease.

Despite the warning of the doctor that he would not maintain his life with this disease, he continues to create incredible things. With a big dream, utmost faith, and hard work, he survives and fulfills his accomplishments.

8. Steve Jobs

Discipline makes the best things

Steve Jobs is a must-watch movie for entrepreneurs. This film tells about the life of the Apple founder and how he runs one of the best technology companies.

Unlike the usual path that gets on track to success, Steve Jobs creates his ways. With an entrepreneurial mindset, consistency, and tenacity, his products are well-loved worldwide finally.

His success shows that even without the conditions and resources wanted, you can do everything with desirable results. Always be kind, believe in yourselves and your goals, try hard, and all the best things will come.

9. The Social Network

That is a motivational story of the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. Starting from being angry with his girlfriend, he created Facemash to list all the university girls.

After many incidents, he became the founder and CEO of Facebook. Alongside his friends, they developed Facebook into one of the most well-known social media sites today.

The important lesson is never to stop trying, and the world will know your name.

10. The Founder

It is a real story retelling the life of a businessman who struggles with his career as a salesman. Firstly, he is only a man who had to go around America to advertise products.

Over 50, Ray Kroc became a character who influenced the world. He overcame all the adversities and grabbed the opportunities with Mcdonald’s.

It showed how important persistence is in fulfilling the aims of those who go from rags to riches.


What is the No 1 Movie in The World?

The first-rated business film in the world must be Inception. This sci-fi drama is a product of director Christopher Nolan.

It receives compliments from critics and audiences for both content and visuals. After over ten years, Inception remains an unbelievable number of viewers.

Which Movie Motivates You to Study?

A movie that stimulates you to non-stop learning is The Founder. It is a story of a man who continuously tries through decades to find his destination. It inspires students to keep studying and working, and they will bear fruit.

What is The Most Successful Movie of All Time?

Manjhi is a heartwarming story that shows the staggeringly massive results of simple actions. The movie touches the hearts of many people in the world. By the force of love, people can do everything.


Here are the top 10 business movies for entrepreneurs to entertain themselves and find motivation. These products will considerably influence everyone in thinking and deeply find inspiration insights.

If you are a procrastinator and unmotivated, watching them as soon as possible can help you achieve your goals.