Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset: What Is The Main Difference?

Nervousness and intelligence are areas that many people are interested in. So, scientists have conducted many studies to clarify human intelligence operations.

Currently, there are two most common mindsets that people often talk about, which are growth mindset and fixed mindset. The difference between the two is the thoughts, beliefs, and habits you create daily.

This article will clarify these two mindsets. Now, scroll down for more!

What Is A Growth Mindset?

A person with a growth mindset believes that intelligence and talents are available to learn and improve over time. For them, constant practice and effort will give them abilities that they did not have before.

These individuals willingly believe that good things will happen to them through their efforts. Belief in practice and effort will bring them excellent results. They do not need to rely on unexpected luck but can actively control their lives.

As you study an area regularly, the neural connections become stronger. Through your daily routine, you can develop your abilities and intellect.

The best examples you can see are in schools. Though students do not have a high IQ, they can still achieve outstanding results by accumulating.

What Is A Fixed Mindset?

In contrast to a growth mindset, individuals with a fixed mindset think that their intelligence and aptitude are from birth. These characteristics will not change, no matter how they have lived.

They think they can do nothing to improve their intelligence. Their mental stability concept leaves them unmotivated to try to improve their intelligence.

Due to their beliefs, people with fixed mindsets often have many negative thoughts. Children who believe they are stupid will not try their best.

Instead, they accept their failure as inevitable. This mindset led them to give up on building their bright future. It would help if you defined your mindset as soon as possible. If you are a fixed thinker, you should make adjustments early.

Difference Between Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

Mindsets: Fixed vs Growth

The significant difference between the growth mindset and fixed mindset is their beliefs. One side is sure that talent and intelligence can be improved.

The other group believes that innate abilities and intelligence do not change. So, they don’t believe in progressive or retrograde intelligence.

From this core belief, the two groups will react differently in life. The group that advocates a growth mindset faces difficulties in a more positive way than others.

Because of thinking about the brain’s ability to improve, people with a growth mindset are willing to take on different challenges.

They will have daily effort and practice to equip themselves with new knowledge and skills. They also do not exclude comments from others, accepting their shortcomings to improve themselves and overcome failures.

In contrast, individuals with a fixed mindset only dare to start tasks with which they are previously familiar. These people will feel anxious and doubt themselves when negative feedback comes from those around them.

They will often avoid challenges and opportunities and even isolate themselves.

Opposition in thinking has led to different results in these two types of people. Accordingly, successful entrepreneurs often have a growth mindset.


Growth mindset

Fixed mindset


Wisdom can change over time

Intelligence and abilities are fixed


Ready to practice every day to achieve success

Not ready for thinking that the effort does not bring results

Life’s Motivation

Dare to face new challenges

Do not dare to accept new challenges and opportunities

Get feedback



Probability for success



Why Do Businessmen Need A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is a mindset you should practice daily in all areas of your life. Especially in economic sectors, this mindset becomes even more critical.

You need to have the courage to face tough challenges to find opportunities to earn extra income. If you believe you can only work in areas you know well, you’ll pass up many valuable opportunities.

An entrepreneur will often have to suffer failures to get into business. When you have a growth mindset and the ability to learn from your failures and take them as experience, you will grow up quickly and soon succeed. On the contrary, if you get discouraged and give up, your career will forever stop at failures.

Big businesses are all growth-minded salespeople. They are willing to listen to customer feedback and learn from competitors to improve their products.

A successful businessman needs the humility to learn and practice every day.


What are the 5 characteristics of a growth mindset?

The 5 most essential characteristics of a person with a growth mindset are:

  • Strive to learn every day
  • Don’t be afraid to take on challenges
  • Respond positively to comments from others
  • Don’t give up quickly when you fail
  • Believe that you can grow and succeed

What are 3 examples of a fixed mindset?

You can recognize fixed thinkers by the way they work and think. These people often talk and believe in the following ways:

  • Do not do something because you feel you are not good at this field
  • Do not dare to face challenges and give up quickly when you fail
  • Don’t listen to other people’s feedback and always find a way to blame the outside world

What are 3 ways to develop a growth mindset?

There are many ways you can improve your growth mindset. Of these, the three simplest methods are:

  • Change perspective on failure: Failure is not the end, but an opportunity to learn and change in a more positive direction
  • See challenges as opportunities
  • Study hard and practice every day to upgrade yourself


How people think will reflect on their achievements in their creative life.

People with a growth mindset will be individuals who know how to practice and strive to achieve success. Meanwhile, people with a fixed mindset will force themselves and reduce their inherent abilities.

The article on the difference between these two mindsets has helped you understand their characteristics.

Are you a positive or fixed thinker? Have the courage to change and cultivate a growth mindset daily to succeed. Thank you for reading!