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Why Should Your Business Use A Performance Planner?

There is no denying that the performance planner is vital to businesses. It is a powerful platform for measuring ad performance.

From there, this tool can affect the development of businesses. Besides, the performance planner can help you predict the performance of your ads.

Why Should Your Business Use A Performance Planner?

Google Ads

It helps you make plans based on your spending level and track the impact on your campaign performance from hypothetical changes related to seasonality, budget, and campaign set-up changes.

The performance planner has four crucial vital features that are essential to growing a business:

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Good Conversions
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Detailed report of Business

User-Friendly Dashboard

The performance planner tool will help your business improve website performance. It will also provide helpful suggestions on site performance and allow your business to see changes suggested by Google.

You will easily compare your website’s metrics before and after through the before-after metric table. That way, it’s easy to understand how you’ve made progress in improving your site’s performance.

So as a business owner, you’ll want to take advantage of it to improve your website’s performance through helpful recommendations.

Good Conversions

When looking to drive conversions, it’s wise to find ways to increase your business’s targeting and position within specific channels.

When talking about performance planning, various tools will be helpful for your business, and the most popular is Google Analytics Performance Planner.

It will help your business create goals and track conversions by giving you insights into how you can improve your conversion rates.

The performance planner will help your business track your website’s performance. From there, you’ll find ways to boost your conversion rates.

You’ll also get insights into how you can improve your site’s performance, leading to increased conversion rates.

You can expect your business to increase conversions with a similar budget through increased targeting and placement in specific channels based on targeted audience segments.

Keyword Analysis

Do keyword analysis

The performance planner also serves as an effective keyword research tool that allows you to optimize your ad campaigns. It will help your business quickly and easily find the best keywords for that particular industry.

This helpful tool will help you understand your competitor and choose the right keywords. Therefore, you will not need to worry about wasting time and effort on irrelevant keywords.

The performance planner is handy for SEO campaigns of any business. It allows them to get the best keywords to optimize their campaign.

In addition, it can help optimize campaigns by providing insights into how a particular keyword is performing across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

Detailed Report of Business

This tool will also give you financial forecasts for coming months or quarters, which are based on the financial projections provided by you. As a result, you will be helped in creating a plan for the future and ensuring it will work well.

You can get many types of plans, including short-term and long-term. It also allows you to compare your business with other businesses in the same industry.

Through the performance reports it provides, you will efficiently and quickly analyze the performance of your business over time and ensure that you are implementing your plan effectively.

The performance planner can provide a detailed and accurate analysis of the financial performance of your business.

In addition, this tool will generate a plan for each month, including specific metrics and tasks that you should focus on to hit your goals early.

How to Use A Performance Planner More Effectively?

How to utilize a performance planner more effectively?

Here are techniques you can apply to get the performance planner.


It allows you to view the plan on a draft page, including an overview where you can adjust to see how a campaign will perform in the future. Then, determine where your business needs improvement at that stage.

Make a Plan According to Periods

It is possible to customize forecasting dates based on business activity.

You can select a plan according to monthly, quarterly, fortnightly, and annually. It also allows forecasting for a particular day.

Data-Based Budgeting

The performance planner tool will give businesses leverage for maximum development and planning budget based on the business’s history and future.

So it can help you plan the extra budget and how you should utilize it more effectively in the future. Also, It will help you to maintain your business’s performance with a low budget.

Compare Plans With the Existing Settings

This tool also allows you to compare plans with existing settings to see the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Through this comparison, you will also have a good idea about what you need extra attention to and the things you need to improve.

Estimate the Impact of New Keyword on Your Existing Campaign

One of the most critical factors for online content is keywords. With the right keywords, you will get great results from your campaign.

It will help you calculate the ad budget to get the maximum return on your investment and gain the best services.


What is Google Ads Performance Planner?

The performance planner tool will allow you to create plans for your advertising spend and decide how changes to your campaigns might affect overall performance and key metrics.

This tool also determines the best opportunity for your plan by modeling the best budget allocation across the campaigns.

What Is the Benefit of A Performance Planner?

Here are three main benefits of the performance planner:

  • Make a plan for the advertising budget and boost business growth
  • How Performance Planner works
  • See real results in action

Is Performance Planner Free?

Yes. It is a free tool in Google Ads.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why you should use a performance planner.

Google ads are becoming the most popular and accessible form of marketing for young business minds. So, we believe every business and digital organization needs a performance planner to grow rapidly.