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StartUp Box will offer programming that enlivens curiosity and inspires a broad range of community members to pursue their options...

Learn from the best

Special Seminars:

Digital Undivided

Fireside Chat


Featuring people of color involved in the digital media industry - including leaders such as: Kathryn Finney, founder and Digital Undivided, Brian Watson from Union Square Ventures, Steve Armante of Sky-Packets, and many more!

Speaker Series: 

StartUp Box is partnering with Fedcap Culinary Arts to open a café with free WiFi!  This new “3rd space” will allow for informal exchanges in the type of atmosphere which people currently leave the area to experience.

Games Academy - Special courses for participants at all levels of experience that teach how to build your own games, sponsored by industry leaders and piloting the latest beta technology that is shaping the games industry.

Financial Literacy - To equip urban young adults with essential knowledge for life’s challenging financial decisions

Community Event Space: Pro bono for tech, positive lifestyle, and health & wellness programming.   

WiFi Café

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Hear from people you can relate to

The kind of place you currently have to leave the neighborhood to find

Bronx Free Press

"The Games of Work"