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"Your team had a huge positive effect on the launch of TwoDots Android, and we're very excited to continue the relationship."

Steven Sadin
Head of Product, Play Dots, Inc

"The StartUp Box team did a very thorough job and helped us a great deal with finding weird nits and bugs all over the place. Thanks to your team for helping us launch!"

Dimitry Paperny
Managing Partner, Cohere Studio

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"StartUp Box's QA Crews did the work that we, as a small company, often can't get to in a timely manner."

Rob Grossberg


“It was great working with the StartUp Boxers, they produced beyond my expectations and really understood our products.”

Max Capper

QA Coordinator, Nickelodeon

StartUp Box is a project of Hometown Security Laboratories, a non-profit corp. that incubates project-based solutions to support local economic development, and sustainable community transformation.

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