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We have assembled a great group of leaders with complimentary skills, all focused on the mission of diversifying the tech-talent pipeline via an economically viable enterprise context.

StartUp Box Leadership benefits from the advice of many people - we could not have come this far without you!  While there are many informal contributors to this endeavor, the link above will introduce you some of the people we call upon regularly when new challenges arise.

Skills and experience are important, but in order to excel in any field, it really helps to have a mentor on your side to show you how best to use what you have at each stage of your career.

Our Mentors are industry leaders who have generously volunteered their time to help make individuals and the games sector more successful.

COMING SOON: StartUp Box is proud to offer additional Programs

Speaker Series that features people of color involved in the digital media industry - including leaders such as: Kathryn Finney, founder TheBudgetFashionista.com and Digital Undivided, Brian Watson from Union Square Ventures, Steve Armante of Sky-Packets, and many more!        

Financial Literacy: to equip urban young adults with essential knowledge for life’s challenging financial decisions.

Community Event Space: Pro bono for tech, positive lifestyle, "pop-up" stores, and health & wellness programming.

WiFi Café:  StartUp Box is partnering with Fedcap Culinary Arts to open a café with free WiFi!  This new “3rd space” will allow for informal exchanges in the type of atmosphere which people currently leave the area to experience.

StartUp Box is a social enterprise designed to increase opportunities for South Bronx community members to be a part of the tech economy, by creating a technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the South Bronx. StartUp Box South Bronx will serve as a blueprint to launch StartUp Boxes in other low-income communities nationwide--but first, we are showing how it’s done in the Boogie Down!

We create accessible on-ramps to tech jobs in the South Bronx through Quality Assurance (QA) as a subcontractor to NYC developers. "StartUp Boxers" test games and other software across a range of devices and operating systems from start to finish, using industry protocols for bug reporting, while gaining exposure to a wide range of product failures not normally observed by consumers. Teamwork is essential in tackling error detection challenges across platforms, so communications, record keeping, and related team management skills are reinforced. 

The bulk of the work is done at StartUp Box’s facility in the South Bronx, with client visits for exposure to different corporate environments. Many tech service jobs such as QA provide earned income with a relatively short training period, and QA is a demonstrated entry-level position for many other opportunities in tech as well.

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